With over 1000 systems installed worldwide, MASCOT is a computer assisted, laser guided PCB assembly workstation, which provides precise, quick & reliable assembly.

MASCOT will minimise PCB build times, improve production quality and offers far greater flexibility for PTH & odd form insertion, inspection and re-work.

Systems can be configured for every situation, on ergonomic benches, conveyors, or even retrofitted to your lines.

MASCOT offers total flexibility, adapting to meet ever changing production requirements.




We have 25 years experience in software & hardware solutions that raise quality, reduce costs and kill setup time. Especially suitable for high volume, high mix environments.



Mascot Datasheet


Sigma Datasheet


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Right tool. Right method. Fast changeover. Easy to program from CAD, delivering the right part at the right time, and an image or video clip, step by step.


Easily define the product structure, with family tree & phantom assembly support.


Harness the skill and experience of your shop floor with the Redline facility, allowing the operators to record suggestions on how to improve production.


Record scrapped parts & pull material onto the station directly from your stores with the Low Bin button.