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Pro Compiler

Among the most efficient methods of generating a Mascot assembly procedure is to use the optional Robotas Pro Compiler package. Pro Compiler imports existing PCB CAD data and Bill of Materials (BOM) files to create the majority of the assembly program in a matter of minutes.

Supported CAD formats include ODB++, CADIF, GenCAD, Mentor Neutral, Gerber Drill Files, Pads, CadStar, Calay, Protel, Cimbridge, PCAD, Fabmaster, Tango, Eagle and more.



To maximise overall productivity and traceability, optional Workflow software collects and analyses time and other production data from every Mascot station to track throughput against work schedules in real time, and to log critical production data.


Low Bin Monitor

As part of a Kanban methodology, operators can signal directly to stores that they are running low on material by pressing the ‘Need’ button. Materials Control can then replenish the Mascot’s inventory seamlessly without operator interruption, to further streamline lean manufacturing.

View the many accessories available for the Mascot work station

Mascot Accessories

Many useful accessories are available to complement Mascot. From extra materials storage options such as additional carousels, trays, bins and IC dispensers to hardware enhancements such as articulated carousel arms and barcode readers, the Mascot portfolio has every resource needed to perfectly optimise each workstation for its task.