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We’re at Southern in February…

It’s less than three weeks to the Southern Manufacturing & Electronics exhibition 2015. ‘Southern’ is always the region’s first industry-wide event of the year, and we’ll be there alive and kicking on Stand J73, offering free on-site, no-obligation demonstrations to customers and prospects to take place after the show.

Understandably, our product focus for the event is the enhanced Sigma Workstation, complete with its striking new ergonomic workbench. It’s a superb design that seamlessly blends form and function – the ideal way to improve operator comfort and efficiency. And we all know that leads to greater build quality and productivity.

Equally exciting are some of the latest technology additions to Sigma. Key among these in our book is the Smart Tools concept. To show what we mean by this, the Sigma Station at Southern Manufacturing will be equipped with a torque screwdriver. Nothing unusual about that, you may think, until we reveal that the torque settings for the screwdriver are automatically uploaded to the tool for each step of the assembly process. This should make cross threads and loose screws things of the past.

Of course, Mascot will be on display too. The show model features new articulated arms. Be sure to come along and see how these dexterous additions help to improve handling and productivity.

Don’t forget, the show is three days long this year, from Tuesday 10th February to Thursday 12th February. We look forward to seeing you there and bringing you bang up to date with a raft of improvements and development to both Mascot and Sigma product lines.

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EVENT COMPLETED | Robotas to Exhibit at Southern Manufacturing 2015

While best known for its Mascot PCB workstations, Robotas Technologies Ltd is using Southern Manufacturing 2015 to demonstrate its growth and diversification into new hand assembly sectors. The company’s key exhibit will be its Sigma Hand Assembly workstation, now featuring new ergonomic production benches and intelligent parts handling resources. Sigma helps deliver a productive lean manufacturing process.

Based on the proven Robotas Mascot PCB hand assembly station, the Sigma platform has been designed to address complex mechanical hand assembly. Sigma shares some key characteristics of Mascot, such as flexibility to adapt to existing assembly practices that do not force new procedures on an established workflow. However, Sigma’s versatility offers productivity improvements across a broader range of industries and applications.

The enhanced Sigma Station includes a striking ergonomic production workbench to improve operator comfort and efficiency. The lean manufacturing principles that drove the design put everything immediately to hand for operators, with computerised step-by-step instructions alongside options like real-time indicators on intelligent tote bins and motorised carousels to present the correct parts and tools every time.

In addition, Sigma uses smart technology interfaces to drive productivity, for example full tooling integration. Robotas will demonstrate a direct link to a torque screwdriver, where torque settings are automatically uploaded for each part of the assembly process.

“The Robotas product range has moved on significantly in the past couple of years,” claims Product Specialist Martin Kenicer. “Visitors to Southern Manufacturing will be familiar with our acclaimed Mascot, but the enhanced Sigma Station opens up our quarter-century of lean hand assembly manufacturing expertise to many more industry segments – which is perfect for the exhibition’s wider engineering appeal.”

Robotas will be inviting visitors to take up an offer of no-obligation on-site demonstrations of both Sigma and Mascot during the next few months. “It’s the very best way to prove how these workstations can transform productivity in a user’s real environment,” claims Kenicer.

See the enhanced Robotas Sigma Workstation at Southern Manufacturing 2015 on Stand J73. The Southern Manufacturing exhibition takes place at FIVE, Farnborough from 10th to 12th February 2015.

CSR bullet train (close crop)

Multiple Mascots for China Trains

The world’s largest manufacturer of locomotives has placed an order on Robotas Technologies Ltd for a number of Mascot Standalone workstations. CSR (China South Locomotive Group) will use the Mascot systems to speed up the hand assembly of circuit boards used across its extensive range of locomotives and rolling stock products.

CSR placed the Mascot order in mid-December 2014, just days after one of its electric locomotives pulled its payload of carriages over the famous Quinhai-Tibet Pleateau, known internationally as ‘the Roof of the World’ route, travelling 1000km in less than 12 hours to set a new record.

“With CSR pointing to innovation at the heart of its business, it’s no surprise that the corporation is keen to adopt process improvement technologies Like Mascot,” claims Martin Kenicer, Robotas Product Specialist. “We’re confident that the new Mascot workstations will help CSR’s production operators keep up with the speed of its trains!”

The first of the Mascot Standalone workstations will be delivered to CSR this month.