Robotas Parts Dispenser, low batch high volume production.

Using Robotas parts dispensers guarantees a superfast setup of material. Typically, 50 different parts can be loaded in under 20 seconds. The change over from one product build to the next is the fastest in the manual assembly industry at under 1minute. It is ideal for low batch high volume production.

Material Manager system

Every Robotas systems allow all the production material be prepared and preloaded away from the line. Our Material Manager system guarantees each component is kitted to the correct bin, product and build.

Robotas Parts dispensing tray black

Mascot’s Systems and Material Manager allow multiple material kits to be held on a single workstation. Removing the need for material change over between builds. Just scan the barcode and pick up the next product or PCB and start assembling.

The Mascot Clinch module significantly reduces the risk of dislodged components in PCBA. This unique function will form component legs around the PCB, securing the component in place for handling. Eliminating the need for component clamping on solder frames.

The integrated material need function in all Robotas assembly solution provides a direct link between line production and lean replenishment. At any stage in a build material can be requested to any Mascot assembly position without the operator needing to leave the line.

Robotas Production Assembly

Case Study

Eliminate waste without reducing flexibility

After implementing a new THT production line centred around the Robotas Mascot System. Danfoss saw a 2% increase in the first-time yield in PCBA. Delivering 1 million pounds of additional revenue by removing ten thousand pieces of rework from production

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Increase Speed

With the use of a Robotas assembly system production speeds can be increased by up to 50% over conventional production methods.

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Using our systems will typically result in an increase in first time yield quality improvements of up to 6%, providing a significant cost saving in rework.

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The ability to log every process actions and part used is at the heart of all our systems. Delivering detailed traceability on every product built by a Robotas system

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Robotas Expert Advice

Robotas Expert Advice

Robotas systems are modular, versatile, dependable and always affordable. Our consultants are here to help.

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