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The productivity of conventional Manual assembly relies heavily on the experience of operators and how they follow the planned process. Using a Robotas system the process, methods and knowledge are held in the system allowing even unexperienced operators to deliver maximum productivity.

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A significant amount of production time is wasted in setting up a build. All Robotas systems guarantee that only the correct material is on the line before you start assembling. Material kits can be changed over in a matter of seconds. Eliminating your setup time and increasing your productivity.

Production engineering time is a crucial overhead in any manufacturing environment. Production engineers are often struggling to keep up with the demand for there attention on the production floor. Our intuitive software tools significantly reduce the production engineering time for manual assembly.

Parts dispensing is available with every Robotas system. Always delivering the right part to the operator at exactly the right time. No mis-picking, no confusion over similar looking parts. Just a fast and efficient flow of material.

Robotas assembly systems are the only solution today that allows you to fully track your complete manual production. Optimising your production based on real data. No estimates, no predictions, just accurate information.

Case Study

The need for speed

Implementing there first three systems in production in 2009 at their P1 Plant in Malaysia. Jabil Penang have gone one to install 80 systems to date. Due to the significant increase in production speed over conventional assembly methods.

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Using our systems will typically result in an increase in first time yield quality improvements of up to 6%, providing a significant cost saving in rework.

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The ability to log every process actions and part used is at the heart of all our systems. Delivering detailed traceability on every product built by a Robotas system

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Robotas systems allow material to be prepared off the production line into kits, which can be allocated and transferred directly to the line when needed. Eliminating setup time.

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Robotas Expert Advice

Robotas Expert Advice

Robotas systems are modular, versatile, dependable and always affordable. Our consultants are here to help.

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