Celestica, Toronto, Canada

Celestica are using Sigma systems to build complex products for the aerospace industry at their Toronto facility in Canada. They now have 3x Sigma systems.

" Before our Sigma purchases, we used a form of kitting process for box build where an individual would collect all the parts (screws, nuts, other hardware and electronic components) and place them in bags or tote boxes. It was a lengthy process and susceptible to errors. Overall it had a negative impact on our quality and therefore delivery to our customer.

Then we acquired our first Sigma system. Suddenly there was no need for kitting in the traditional sense since all the parts needed for assembly were located at the point of use via the motorised carousels. The Sigma system with its graphical and video instructions eliminated issues over wrong parts and quantities being used and enabled our operators to build more efficiently without defects.

We especially like the Low Bin Monitor feature on Sigma, which alerts the materials handler to replenish the bins. So no more production downtime! We quickly recognised the potential and purchased two more Sigma stations – one of which has four carousels holding 200 parts for our more complex assemblies. The Robotas support team is always efficient, flexible and very receptive to new ideas we sometimes have to help Sigma evolve to meet our new needs. I rate them eleven out of ten! "

Alexander Sepsi. Engineering Technical Support Analyst. Honeywell workcell. Celestica HQ, Toronto.