Danlers Ltd – Chippenham, UK

"Prior to having our Mascot stations installed, we built all our through-hole assemblies following paper based work instructions with the component parts stored in different pots on the desk. Occasionally we’d use flip jigs, if that was possible. As soon as we switched to building our PCBs on Mascot Pushtracks our build time halved. Immediately there were fewer mistakes and the boards looked much neater. We also find the Mascots handy when new staff members join the assembly team, or when we have people on work experience with no prior knowledge or experience in electronics. Thanks to Mascot, they can help out in a genuinely meaningful and productive way by getting involved in building PCBs with little or no training. All they do is simply follow the on screen instructions and the overhead laser. The correct parts are delivered to them at every step, so they can’t get the build wrong." Sophie Westrop. Internal PCB Production and Test Supervisor Danlers Ltd.