Enova Paris Proves Worthy

Regular viewers of our news and blog feeds will know that we attended the Enova 2014 Expo in Paris last week. It turned out to be a very successful show for Robotas and for STP Electronics, our agents in France. Of some statistical importance was the high level of interest from large French OEMs active in the Drives and Home Automation sectors. These organisations expressed interest in both Mascot and Sigma lean hand assembly stations. That bodes well for business in the region. Prior to the event, we implemented ergonomic enhancements to our Mascot Pushtrack system to meet the latest guidelines from the French Health & Safety Executive. It was well-received, and we’re confident that this will help secure new orders in the coming quarter. More about those when they land. From experience (and we have a lot of that), one ‘gut feel’ success measure not to be underestimated for any event is how much time you have spare to wander around the exhibition halls or tour the host city. For Enova, it was essentially none – so the show ticks that box! We did manage to snap a photo of the Robotas stand between visitor demonstrations, and grab a shot of the Eiffel Tower to prove that we actually made it to Paris. Check back here for a show roundup soon.
Robotas Technologies visit Enova in Paris 2014