How Mascot works

Three key Mascot features help to eliminate errors and drive productivity:
  • Computerised step-by-step work instructions are displayed to the operator.
  • Motorised carousels automatically present the correct component.
  • A laser highlights the exact location on the board.
It’s an assured process that makes PCB hand assembly fast, consistent and easy. Mascot also provides images of components, parts or subassemblies for improved process clarity, and videos to walk the operator through assembly procedures. Each Mascot station can accommodate up to 376 different components – enough capacity for the largest of boards, or for several different boards with no set up or changeover delays. Motorised carousels present the operator with the right component at every step. The innovative eye-safe laser indicator even highlights the correct component orientation, leaving absolutely nothing to chance. There is an efficient solution when Mascot runs low on materials. Kanban signals alert stores to notify of low stock, leaving to operator free to continue assembly uninterrupted – a further boost to lean manufacturing productivity.
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