Mascot Clinch

17 January 2020

Do you have problems with the hand assembled content of your production? Do you use ‘Contact Systems CS-400’ machines for your THT PCB assembly that are failing you and you can’t get support any more? Robotas Technologies offers a swap-out replacement system called Mascot Clinch that uses state-of-the-art technology and software that runs on the Windows 10 software platform.

With the Mascot Clinch system, once the component has been placed, an automated mechanism under the PCB will then clinch the component legs in any 360-degree direction. The finished lead profile can be set to either 45 degrees or flat to the board. Mascot systems provide the operator with on screen work instructions and deliver the correct component to the operator at the correct time via intelligent motorized carousels or pick-to-light indication on storage arrays.

Mascot Standalone Clinch workstaon. Secures compoents to the PCB before soldering with two carousels in ESD Anti-static paint and ergonomic workstation.

Three key Mascot features help to eliminate errors and drive productivity

  • Computerized step-by-step work instructions are displayed to the operator
  • Motorized carousels automatically present the correct component.
  • A laser highlights the exact location on the board.

Mascot offers an assured process that makes PCB hand assembly fast, consistent, and easy. Mascot also provides images of components, parts, or subassemblies for improved process clarity, as well as videos to walk the operator through assembly procedures. Each Mascot station can accommodate up to 370 different components – enough capacity for the largest of boards, or for several different boards with no setup or changeover delays.

To learn more, contact Robotas.

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