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Streamline your manual assembly operation.

How do you take the laborious, error-prone task of manual assembly and make it straightforward, consistent and dependable? It’s easy, and it’s what we’ve been helping companies to achieve around the world for almost 30 years.

Hand assembly procedures in every market sector vary dramatically. What’s needed is a versatile solution to provide reliable, guided automation at every assembly step. Even in demanding aerospace, defence and medical applications, Sigma streamlines virtually any assembly process to boost productivity.

Sigma workstation used for hand assembly

How Sigma Works

Sigma offers many features to help eliminate errors and drive productivity:
  • Computerised step-by-step work instructions, images and videos are displayed to the operator.
  • Optional motorised carousels automatically present the correct component or tool.
  • LED indicators highlight the exact storage bin location.
  • Supporting documentation is easily displayed.
  • Data inputs such as measurement readings can be recorded at any step.
  • External inputs can conditionally alter the assembly procedure.
  • Data signals can be output at any step to drive external tools or machinery.
As well as displaying written assembly instructions, Sigma provides annotated images and helpful video clips to illustrate each assembly step, completely eliminating ambiguity. In addition, other features and options further streamline the assembly operation. It’s a straightforward process that simplifies product hand assembly to make it fast, consistent and right first time.
Explore the features of the Sigma workstation and Workflow software

Sigma features

Barcode verification helps validate critical parts and aids traceability. Scrap recording allows operators to log details about unusable parts. A find function searches the assembly by part number, part description or assembly step – ideal for rework and quality assurance inspection. The ‘Need’ function issues Kanban signals to stores to notify of low stock, leaving the operator free to continue assembly uninterrupted – a further boost to lean manufacturing productivity. ‘Redline’, an intelligent feedback tool, gathers shop floor expertise to build a knowledge database that can be used to improve future assembly procedures. Data signals can be input and logged at any assembly step. Specific data results, such as voltage, weight or dimension readings, can invoke a conditional change to the assembly procedure automatically. Operators are unaware of this step change, which avoids confusion when assembling complex structures. Similarly, data outputs can be deployed at any assembly step. For example, to set a motorised torque screwdriver to the correct turning force for screws delivered at that process step.
Easy to use and intuitive Sigma software

Sigma Software

Sigma software is easy to use and intuitive. User friendly programming tools make the creation of step-by-step hand assembly work instructions both simple and fast. Existing parts libraries, work instructions and data files can be quickly imported, along with supporting documentation. An intuitive drag & drop interface then simplifies the creation of the entire assembly procedure. Sigma program amendments are efficient to execute and archive, helping to support and document Kaizan continuous improvement strategies.
A Sigma station can be configured perfectly to match its assembly application

Popular Configuration

With absolute modularity at the very core of the Sigma philosophy, every Sigma station can be configured perfectly to its assembly application. Sigma can be equipped with up to four motorised carousels to present operators with the correct parts at precisely the right time. Each carousel will hold up to 50 parts. Add the LED bin indicators, fitted to Tote bins or existing racking systems, and inventory capacity on each Sigma station can reach 376 parts, components and tools. The most popular configuration features the Sigma software, a touch-screen monitor to guide the operator, and a single carousel. Thanks to its exceptional modularity, Sigma can be used with either Robotas ergonomic workbenches or integrated directly into existing workstations. Robotas will configure everything to deliver the perfect system to drive manufacturing quality and productivity.


To maximise overall productivity and traceability, optional Workflow software collects and analyses time and other production data from every Sigma station to track throughput against work schedules in real time, and to log critical production data.

Low Bin Monitor

As part of a Kanban methodology, operators can signal directly to stores that they are running low on material by pressing the ‘Need’ button. Materials Control can then replenish the Sigma’s inventory seamlessly without operator interruption, to further streamline lean manufacturing.
Many useful accessories are available to complement Sigma

Sigma Accessories

Many useful accessories are available to complement Sigma. From extra materials storage options such as additional carousels, trays, bins and dispensers to hardware enhancements such as articulated carousel arms and barcode readers, the Sigma portfolio has every resource needed to perfectly optimise each workstation for its task.

Download Sigma Data Sheet

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