Trend Controls – Horsham, UK

For our through-hole work, we originally had carousels but with no visual aids for our operators. We therefore had to rely on our experienced operators’ expertise and memories. Everything was a manual process, including the selection of the program for build. There were many mistakes leading to incorrectly built PCBs. Our training was based on product knowledge, which meant it could take up to three months before an operator could work effectively without supervision.

In 2006 we installed six Mascot stations which were retrofitted to Nutek conveyors to make a complete flow line system. Now the assembly programs are selected using scanners. We simply scan the product code on the job sheet and the relevant visual work instructions appear for that particular PCB, while the correct parts are offered to the operators. As soon as we switched over to using the Mascots, our errors plummeted. In fact, it reduced the incorrect builds to zero. Yes, zero, in one easy move!

Also, thanks to the on-screen visual aids and the barcode scanner implementation, our training is now based on the process, not the product, and as a consequence training time for new operators has been reduced to just two weeks.

We have been using Mascots for many years now and find them very reliable. Right from the outset, Robotas gave us great support in installing and commissioning the equipment and also explaining the Mascot programming operation. Even now, we know that if we have a problem we can simply phone up and the team will pull out all the stops to help resolve the issue.

Mandy Smith Process Technician / Supply and Development Co-ordinator Trend Controls