VERTU – Sigma Case Study

Vertu is the pioneer and leading manufacturer of luxury mobile phones. Created to complement the discerning customer’s lifestyle, Vertu offers tailored, luxury services in combination with the finest in design, engineering and manufacture. With three distinct collections – Signature, Ascent and Constellation – Vertu uses innovations in manufacturing technology with traditional craftsmanship, assembling each phone by hand at the company’s headquarters in Church Crookham, England.

Vertu required a process whereby each craftsman could accurately and efficiently build each handset, accessing the assembly instructions unique to each particular model.   The craftsmen needed to be presented with exactly the right part in the right build sequence. Vertu also wanted to find a way to significantly reduce build time to meet the time demands of its customers, without compromising the quality for which the brand is renowned. Finding a solution to these challenges was key to its business. Because SIGMA has been specifically designed to assist the hand assembly of products which absolutely must be right first time, SIGMA was the perfect solution to Vertu’s challenge!

In 2006 Robotas installed the first SIGMA systems, each with touch screen monitors and barcode readers to quickly load the correct assembly program for each unique work order. Vertu has been so pleased with the benefits which the system offers their business, they now have 58 systems in operation and have plans for the installation of more systems in the future. The system also encourages operator feedback which can be verified and used to further enhance the process, thus ensuring best practice at all times.

“SIGMA ensures that all of the benefits of hand assembly are matched with unparalleled accuracy. It is the perfect synergy of technology with the excellence delivered by our craftsmen.”

Ben Newbrook - Senior Industrial Engineer
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