Sigma features

Barcode verification helps validate critical parts and aids traceability. Scrap recording allows operators to log details about unusable parts. A find function searches the assembly by part number, part description or assembly step – ideal for rework and quality assurance inspection. The ‘Need’ function issues Kanban signals to stores to notify of low stock, leaving the operator free to continue assembly uninterrupted – a further boost to lean manufacturing productivity. ‘Redline’, an intelligent feedback tool, gathers shop floor expertise to build a knowledge database that can be used to improve future assembly procedures. Data signals can be input and logged at any assembly step. Specific data results, such as voltage, weight or dimension readings, can invoke a conditional change to the assembly procedure automatically. Operators are unaware of this step change, which avoids confusion when assembling complex structures. Similarly, data outputs can be deployed at any assembly step. For example, to set a motorised torque screwdriver to the correct turning force for screws delivered at that process step.
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