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Quality and performance guaranteed

Modern mechanical assembly processes require consistent quality. The Robotas Sigma System is a modular system that guarantee’s quality and performance independently of the operators’ experience. Sigma will guide the user through any assembly process in a controlled step by step manner. Upskilling your workforce and removing performance variation and possible errors.

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Sigma performance features

Designed for modern production processes

Sigma is a tool designed to meet the needs of modern production with a process friendly programming tool that allows any production engineer to create great easy to understand operating procedures no matter how complex the product. Work instructions are only one part of Sigma’s values during each step of the build the exact required part can be delivered directly to the operator avoiding handling error (like miss picking). When both instruction and part are present at the workstation Sigma then delivers or control the required tool. Closing the loop in the assembly process.

A single platform for process creation

Production engineers and operators love using Sigma as it offers a single platform for process creation, process implementation, and process improvement.

Sigma is so simple to use it takes about 40mins of training for any Production Engineer. The key is a simple methodology in our software tools “pull and click”, no code writing only select what you need from the menus and drop it in place.

Powerful and clear operating procedures

To create a powerful and clear operating procedure you only require Sigma programming tools you will not have to be expert in PowerPoint, Excel, PDF Editor or Photoshop. You have one simple but power full platform that allows you to use all the viable mediums CAD Models, Drawings, photographs, video’s, animations, and annotations along with text to create an instruction.

Sigma also provides the ability to attach any type of document into an instruction step, “if you can view it, you can use it”. The best type and quality of information can be presented to the operator on each process step, without the need for days of preparation time.

A reduction in engineering time

Typically, our customer achieves a 50% reduction in the engineering time when generating operating procedures. Let’s make the fair assumption that you have been making your products using conventional paper or maybe even paperless or just relying on the experience of your staff. The change over to Sigma can be seamless.

Existing procedures can be imported directly into Sigma without having to be rewritten via our smart importer. If you have specially trained and experienced operators their methods can be captured into the Sigma program via video or just by collaboration with the production team and providing feedback via the Sigma redline feature, upskilling every user to the same level.

An easy to use interface

Great guidance leads to great results. Operators love to work with the Sigma assembly software as it’s easy to use interface is simple and clear. The information is presented in a clear format with visual information in the centre of the screen, written instruction to the righthand side, and part in the top corner. No matter which assembly you are building the screen format and menus are always the same. Operator training takes minutes. Communication is key to the smooth running of a manual assembly process. After all, people are not Robots. Sigma’s assembly software, and the simple menu allows the operator to open and step through the process – any request for information to be entered will appear on the screen directly only when required.

Communicate directly with the production team

Good communication between operators and the production engineers is vital, particularly on  (NPI’s) New Product Introductions. Sigma Assembly software allows the operator to communicate issues directly with the production team. If there is confusion or errors with the information presented to the operator as part of the assembly process. The operator can directly add their issue and comments to that process step via the Redline Function. The information is then directed to the relevant Production Engineer as a real-time report showing the date, time, assembly process, step, and comment. All the operator feedback is logged across the complete production floor and tracked in a management tool, helping the Production Engineer gather information and action issues without stopping production. Each action can be addressed and followed through to its conclusion in a controlled manner instead of fire-fighting problems.

This feature directly increases the (FTY) first-time yield and reduces the rework as individual process issues are captured and shared from the first product build. Any problems can be resolved and updated in real-time to the Sigma system, with a minimal amount of resource and time.

Provide direct feedback

Operators can provide direct feedback on material shortages during a production run. Working in either a flow line or cell, the material on hand needs to match the product being built, any shortage is a situation that must be avoided. In Sigma if an operator is low on material, a request for more material can be raised, a “need” request. This function will show a list of the material in the current assembly being built by the operator. The operator only needs to select the required part by touching the screen and entering the quantity.

This information is then logged and is sent directly to a standalone Robotas pick list program. This can be situated in the main stores or to your MRP system. Alternatively, it can be passed to the “Robotas Smart Store” for picking avoiding production stoppages. The “Need” function is also logged to a materials report to allow for adjustment of material quantities or Kanban lot sizes for future production runs.

Real time data

Operators can also provide direct feedback on damaged material received through the Scrap function. This function allows the operator to see all the material in the open assembly build. They simply touch the screen to select the relevant part and enter the reason for the damage, from the on-screen menu or by typing their comments.

The information is logged to a real-time scrap report. If a trace ticket is required, it can be printed directly at the assembly station via the Sigma interface. The tracking of damaged material allows early identification of production issues with material handling from suppliers, stores, or by operators. The real-time data is available directly to the production engineer for analysis and provides great feedback to the rest of the warehouse team.

Once an operator is familiar with Sigma, they become a more valuable employee to your company. They can be put into any area of production without additional training and perform comparably with your most experienced employees. Brand new employees add value from day one with Sigma to support them.

Part, parts and more parts.

The most common source or errors and delay in manual assembly are caused by the handling of the parts. Sigma once again provides a single platform solution to management and selection of parts. At each step in an assembly process program a part can be associated with that step from the programming software. The location of each part is held in the assembly program and it is linked to a dispenser location.

When an operator arrives at a step requiring material the dispenser will automatically deliver the part. Only one part is delivered at a time allowing the correct quantity to be selected. Even partial quantities of material like cut length can be indicated to the operator or volumes of liquid. There are several configurations of dispenser depending on the size of the material required during the assembly and how much storage is required.

An ingenious lighting system

Automated rotary part dispensers (Carousels for short) will present a single pocket containing the correct component for placement. Dynamic Pick to Light uses an ingenious system that lights the picking area matched to the size of the material packaging or container. It will indicate to the operator each pick uniquely. Dispensers can be fitted to existing benches or flow lines as required or they can be fully integrated into the Sigma assembly workstation. To provide a turnkey ergonomic solution for your process.

Automated tooling and test jigs are a key part of modern manual production and must be implemented into operating procedures. This can be counter-productive as often specialist training of operators is required making the operators’ knowledge a limitation to the products and processes that they can work on. Sigma directly combats this limitation by providing control of Smart Tools via its programming features. If your tooling uses a MODBUS, PROFIBUS, SERIAL or a BINARY interface the control of the tool parameters can be managed from within the Sigma Assembly program, for instance, the Torque settings can be changed dynamically on an assembly program step or when the dispenser presents a fastener.

Fluids can also be dispensed using the same control methods. Guaranteeing the quantities are correct as Sigma’s assembly software manages the process. No requirement for specialist training or production engineers. Just a simple fully managed process that can be used by any operator.

Increase the flexibility of you operators and process

Production line testing is another capability of the Sigma system providing increased capabilities to your process. The Sigma has a dedicated GPIO interface as part of the system allowing your Production Engineers a wide scope of possibilities.

The IO can be programmed to replicate PLC function via contacts or take voltage and current measurements and even read pressure. This functionality delivers in-line testing functions that are already integrated into the Sigma based production cell. All controlled and managed by the same tool that creates your work instructions. Sigma is the only complete production system available today that delivers a practical and flexible platform for manual production with in-line testing.

You cannot improve, what cannot be measured. At the heart of every Sigma system, is the ability to capture data. This can be simple information like the answer to a pass-fail question or the TAKT and cycle times for a process, even the results of an ATE system can be gathered. All this information is captured within Sigma. Providing a truly in-depth understanding of your manual process without the need for intrusive observations. The data can then be reported or analyzed as required using Robotas workflow software. Help you find those hidden issues or just allowing you to follow the overall line performance. The Robotas Sigma system is the only complete manual production system on the market designed with people in mind.

Modern mechanical assembly processes require consistent quality which Sigm provides

The Robotas Sigma System is a modular system that guarantee’s quality and performance independently of the operators’ experience. Sigma will guide the user through any assembly process in a controlled step by step manner.

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