Robotas systems are modular, versatile, dependable and always affordable. For the majority of our clients, payback is measured in months. After that, productivity simply equates to profitability.

Our products help to streamline manual assembly and deliver part and process traceability in high quality, high mix, high and low volume processes for OEM, and EMS manufacturers. 

Our customers particularly love the freedom these systems deliver in:

  • Operational flexibility,
  • Minimal training,
  • Virtually eliminating set up and change over time,
  • Rapid payback on the route to better profitability.

“Hand assembly procedures in every market sector vary dramatically. What’s needed is a versatile solution to provide reliable, guided automation at every assembly step. Do it once and do it right”

Founder (Dave Walters BEng, Msc)

Our History

Established in 1985, our Founder Dave Walters a former Production Director of a large electronics manufacturing company developed an affordable easy to use system to guide an operator to select and fit the correct component in the right place on the circuit board every time. In the early eighties, the company focus was PCBA in the electronics industry. In that period, hand assembly was a critical element of every PCB manufactured thanks to the widespread use of ‘through-hole’ components.

35 years later our Mascot systems are still in constant use in prestigious manufacturing premises. Tasked with producing a diverse range of electronic goods they form a key part of the complete assembly process. The systems are loved by production engineers for its simple programming and production gains, and by operators for the ease of use and robustness.

Mascots deliver consistent results in quality crucial assemblies for the defence, aerospace and other sensitive industrial applications where 100% reliability of the product is essential.

Taking the lead from Dave’s “Right First Time” concept one stage further drove the Robotas development team into exciting new territories. The operator guided procedure lends itself to almost every type of hand assembly process. Pairing our successful dispenser technology, cutting edge visual work instructions, computer-controlled tools, and optical inspection gave rise to the Sigma system. Sigma is exceptionally versatile and can be adapted to almost any mechanical assembly process. As well as individual assembly steps, Sigma features video clips, CAD drawings, document vaults and clever indicators to ensure operators use the correct tool and assembly methods at every step.

You can find out more about Sigma here. Now our development team concentrates on refining both the Mascot and Sigma hand assembly systems, adding new capabilities. In today’s manufacturing environments integration is key. This often demands custom configurations, engineering developments or backend system integration. Our years of practical experience and long-term customer partnership make Robotas Technologies the sensible choice for your production team.