Industry 4.0.

24 November 2019

Industry 4.0 is driving the direction of integration of machinery on production floors around the world.

Sophisticated ERP systems provide great benefits in the management of complex production issues. The huge volumes of data generated could not be handled without these systems.

But what happens to those efficiency gains and processes when your product falls outside the machine parameters or robots handling ability?

Currently, manual production bridges the gap between automated processes and will do so for the immediate future. Many companies miss the opportunity to examine this element of their production process with the same thoroughness as their automated processes; and there are good reasons why: People are hugely flexible in their capabilities, but they can be difficult to manage and can also give a huge variation in the quality of work.

Mascot SMEMA motorised 3 stage conveyor with 3 Stages automated flowline productioon, with one carousel and one four tier pick to light array.
Mascot Workstation
Sigma Standalone ESD workstation height adjustable work area with one carousel and one four tier pick to light array. Suitable for cell production
Sigma Workstation

Robotas has spent the last 30 years looking at and optimising manual assembly process and we want to share our thoughts with you over the next few weeks and show you how Manual assembly can be brought in line with the requirements for Industry 4.0.

How to optimise your hand assembly in line with Industry 4.0

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