Material manager ESD workstation with bin storage

Material Handling

Material manager ESD workstation with carousel dispenser and bin size indicator. The Mobile Material preparation workstation provides an operator friendly platform to prepare the correct material for production kits. The station is an ESD safe work area with an integrated PC and touchscreen running Material Manager software. A rotary dispenser is part of the station allowing storage trays to be loaded in the correct sequence. An embedded DPL strip also indicates the size of storage container required for no tray materials. All Trays, Bins, ESD covers and Tray Handles are also stored in the station. Providing a lean work area.

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Product Specification

System Part Number: SKCXA006AS

Material Manager Workstation has the following features.

  • Windows 10 Pro Pocket PC with Robotas ‘Material Manager’ software pre-loaded
  • 22”Touchscreen monitor.
  • 1off Motorised carousel (capacity 50 component storage bins).
  • ESD Safe workstation and storage.
  • Material Manager kitting software.
  • DPL Bin size indicator.
  • Ergonomic footpedal.
  • Integrated wireless barcode reader.
  • 10 off additional ten bin ESD carousel trays.
  • 10 off ten bin ESD carousel tray lids.
  • 10 off ten bin ESD carousel tray lids.
  • 2off locking carousel tray carriers

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