Danfoss – Gråsten

Danfoss Power Electronics site in Gråsten, Denmark is a world leader in the manufacture and supply of AC drives. The AC Drives division manufactures an extremely high mix of different PCBs with many THT components.

Danfoss partnered with Robotas Technologies to streamline their PCB hand assembly process to achieve the following aims:

  • Increase both the speed and quality of their PCB assembly.
  • Reduce work cell change over time to a minimum.
  • Interfacing with their bespoke MES system to create assembly work instructions on demand.
  • Capture analytics on assembly process & change over times.
  • To make the work cells ergonomic for Operators and easily reconfigured according to demand.

Creating a solution

Robotas achieved these goals by implementing Mascot Retrofit Systems, which provided:

  • Laser guidance and component dispensers fitted to 10 brand new ASYS conveyorised work cells to poke-yoke their process and increase the speed of the assembly of PCBs.
  • Motorized carousels and DPL (Dynamic Pick to Light) material dispensers were fitted on articulated arms to improve ergonomics for the Operators.
  • A material setup software module was developed in conjunction with Danfoss which reduced setup/changeover time for new products to a minimum. The Material Setup module is now a part of Robotas core software.
  • Robotas Workflow Software provided Danfoss with real-time data on the production setup and build time for each product built, down to the insertion time of each single component. 
  • Robotas integrated their Mascot software with Danfoss MES to enable the creation of their PCB work instructions, laser guidance and material delivery for each specific PCB build in real-time, on demand.

The result

Danfoss has been able to consolidate more of its PCBA production to this line due the production efficiency and yield achieved by this new style of production line.