An eye safe laser guides you to the position of each part on the PCBA. Outlining exactly what orientation and direction the part has to be fitted.

The order of each part placement can be customised to suit the product being built and operators efficiency. Guaranteeing the optimal assembly sequence and minimum assembly time.

Only the correct part is presented to the operator for picking. Removing the possibility of picking errors and or confusion over similar looking parts.

A wide variety of workstations layouts suit any line configurations while still maintain the best possible ergonomics for operators.

Easy to follow instruction for each production step. Shown only as required with all the relevant information in one place

Case Study

Quality is not an act, its a habit

After implementing a new THT production line centred around the Robotas Mascot System. Danfoss saw a 2% increase in the first-time yield in PCBA. Delivering 1 million pounds of additional revenue by removing ten thousand pieces of rework from production.

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Increase Speed

With the use of a Robotas assembly system production speeds can be increased by up to 50% over conventional production methods.

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The ability to log every process actions and part used is at the heart of all our systems. Delivering detailed traceability on every product built by a Robotas system

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Robotas systems allow material to be prepared off the production line into kits, which can be allocated and transferred directly to the line when needed. Eliminating setup time.

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Robotas Expert Advice

Robotas Expert Advice

Robotas systems are modular, versatile, dependable and always affordable. Our consultants are here to help.

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