Jabil Shd Bhd Penang, Malaysia is part of the Jabil global contract manufacturer group. A group that provides complete production solutions for a huge portfolio of customers. The Penang sites produce PCBA for the communications and industrial applications.

Achieving Improvements

Jabil partnered with Robotas Technologies to support their THT assembly process by achieving improvements in the following areas.

  • Reducing the placement errors occurring during odd form assembly.
  • Providing a standard assembly platform, flexible enough for all their customer’s requirements.
  • Reducing the training time required for new start operators, as staff turnover is high.
  • Having a scalable solution that can be implemented as required to cope with demand. 

Creating a solution

Robotas achieved these goals by implementing the Mascot conveyor system, which provided:

  • Integrated three-stage conveyor Mascot systems providing laser guidance and component dispensers, to guarantee that the correct part was placed in the correct location.
  • Offline programming and CAD compiling software, allowing all the different customer’s assembly data to be verified and programmed away from the line. Any placement issues or data quality could be managed before a single board was built.
  • The Mascot assembly software used whilst assembling boards is very intuitive and the operator’s training is less than 10 minutes.  The same interface is used for all assembly jobs no matter which customer’s product was being assembled.
  • The Mascot conveyor systems are completely integrated with board handling, part dispensing and software control, making new production line setups fast and easy for Jabil to manage.

The Result

The performance of Mascot systems has led to a successful partnership between Robotas and Jabil. In 2018, Robotas supplied its 120th Mascot system to Jabil.

To date, Mascot systems have produced millions of PCB assemblies for Jabil, delivering faultless results, time and time again on thousands of different products.