There has always been a special relationship between the USA and UK, and Robotas have been supporting their US customers for the past 25 years

21 December 2022

To strengthen our special relationship with the USA electronics market, Robotas has decided to invest in a new facility in Dayton, Ohio.

Expanding in the USA

This will offer our customers a USA based technical support and training location. Robotas spare parts and demo equipment will also be available on USA home soil. Customers are now able to collect their Robotas systems directly from the Dayton facility, rather than having to collect them from the UK.

A special relationship

Nick Walters: MD Robotas Technologies Ltd.
“The global market is changing, and we feel it is the right time to invest in the USA. The increasing number of projects we are seeing across the different states has meant that we needed a Robotas base in the USA to provide the best value to our customers, to support them both commercially and technically.

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