Megger & Robotas’ 30 Year Partnership

13 July 2022

Megger runs seven of the latest generation Mascot Standalone systems, configured for cell manufacturing. Plus they also run three Mascot SMEMA conveyor systems as part of their high-volume flow line.

Manufacturing Today

This month’s publication of ‘Manufacture Today’ features an article on Megger called ‘Investing in accuracy’. Megger produces testing equipment ranging from small handheld devices, all the way up to van-mounted equipment used by utilities to test substations. The company offers services including scheduled maintenance, fault-finding, and much more.

Robots and Megger’s partnership

As partners for over 30 years, Robotas’ Mascot system increases THT productivity and yield for Megger in its production. Mascot prevents errors by guiding operators via detailed placement information and laser indication, whilst dispensing the correct component for placement too.

The Robotas SMEMA board handling and component clinching systems with MRP integration and component traceability offer a complete assembly method. Mascot removes all common errors seen in THT production.

A giant of electrical testing equipment provision, Megger is building on its rich legacy with recent ventures into smart monitoring solutions, and an ongoing international expansion.

Today, Megger’s forte still lies with electrical test equipment. Piers Grumett, Group Operations Director at Megger, points out, this is by no means a narrow field of expertise.

Megger prides itself on its exceptional standards of safety. A point on which, according to Piers, the company goes “over and above”. This, coupled with the fact that Megger produces some of the most accurate products available on the market, is testament to the company’s rigorous investment in research and development. “Our customers are looking for functionality,” Piers explains. “Every year; we add functionality to various product lines, we accelerate our testing to make them more efficient for our customers, and we work to make our products more robust.

Read the full Megger And Robotas Partnership at Manufacturing Today article here on page 82-84 of the publication “Investing in Accuracy”

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