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Material Manager System

Optimise your Production Process

Preparing material for production can be time-consuming and even monotonous, but it is critical to the smooth running of day to day production. One simple error can cause a line stop or at minimum a significant delay to a product being built. 

The more complicated the assembly process the more complicated the material preparation becomes and the more likely an error to occur.

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Material Handling System by Robotas

A Simplified Process

Striving to eliminate possible errors in Material preparation, led Robotas to develop the “Material Manager System”. Material Manager simplifies the process of material preparation for even the most complex assembly lines. Using the Bill of Material (BOM) information that is held as part of the assembly process in any Robotas system. Material Manager is the linking system between the planned works orders, overall bill of material and the actual material required at each production stage.

It’s an integrated, paperless and practical solution that guarantee’s that the correct materials are prepared and delivered to each assembly station. “Poke Yoking” the material kitting for even the most complex assembly builds.

Using the planned production orders and picked materials from stores. Material manager will separate and create an electronic list of the material required for each assembly stage and assembly station. Even if the production is organised in a flow line. 

Material Handling Interface Material Manager Works Order Example

An easy to use interface

The picked material can then be ordered into the correct stages and prepared as required for the process. This might be cutting and bending for electronics or washing for mechanical parts.

Even the complexities of a six or eight stage assembly line is managed easily. As each position in the line has a unique kit list that is displayed to the loading operator along with the instructions of what storage trays or bins are required.  Last minute changes to the line kit due to staffing or increased productivity can be made efficiently.

As Material Manager has the capability of automatically line balancing on request which alters the kitting for each stage of production. Making the material preparation totally flexible to day to day requirements.

Carousel trays

Once the pre-preparation stages are complete materials can be scanned and loaded directly into the Carousel trays or DPL bins via the kitting station. Which is ESD Safe and mobile. Allowing it to be placed exactly where it’s needed.

The actual loading process of each tray is simple. A tray or storage bin has a unique barcoded ID added to it. The system parts dispenser(carousel) is loaded with a tray. The first piece of material from the displayed kitting list is selected. Part number or handling unit number is scanned into the Kitting station.

The Kitting station will then check the part number is correct against the Assembly station requirements and allow a storage bin or tray pocket to be selected. The pocket/bin is then filled and the next part selected. Parts need not be loaded in order and tray pockets can be selected in any sequence. The information will be noted in the Material Manager system.

If an incorrect part is scanned it will be rejected by the kitting station and error shown. If parts from the same assembly are scanned but not from the assembly stage being loaded the part will be rejected and an message displayed to the operator.

Material Handling

Kitting Station Storage

If larger parts or packaging is part of the kit. A bin size is indicated to the operator and it can be checked against the visual DPL ruler on the kitting station.

Correct bin sizes can then be selected from Kitting station storage to match the indication. The Bin and Material can then be scanned together and filled. Preventing the wrong material being loaded into the wrong size of storage. Each bin is identified to the system via an unique bar code ID. Once again guaranteeing that all the material that has been kitted is associated with one individual container.

On completion of a production stage kit. The operator will be asked to un-loaded the trays. The trays of material can then be covered with an ESD safe lid and stacked together using the tray carry handles provided with the system.

Material Handling

Simple Production Builds

The scanning and loading process continues until all the material required for the build stage have been stored and the kit is ready.

The stored kits can then be marshalled together for an operator to collect his next piece of work or the materials can be transferred directly to the production line for the next build to begin.

Working with a Robotas system can be a structured or as flexible as your production schedule requires. Starting a production build could not be simpler. The operator on the assembly station selects the open menu scans the works order written on the assembly kit carrier. The assembly kit carrier and covers are removed from each. Each trays ID is scanned and loaded into a dispenser position or DPL shelf position. Trays need not be loaded in any sequence and can be positioned for the comfort of the operator. If all the part data matches the build will start automatically.

Simple, fast and efficient

On completing a product build the operator collects the next kit of parts. If material is missing  and error message will be displayed with the missing part information. If wrong material kit has been collected by operator and error message will be give and the kit will not be loaded. The a build cannot be started until all the correct materials are present and have been confirmed.

Material manager system guarantees that material kitting for any Robotas assembly system is simple, fast and efficient. Eliminating another source of possible errors in manual assembly.

Optimise your Production Process

Material Manager simplifies the process of material preparation for even the most complex assembly lines.

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