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Robotas systems deliver the real-world data on your process. The ability to gather unobtrusive process information is at the heart of every Robotas systems. The only company today to provide real metrics on manual assembly without intrusive operator tracking or data matrix scanning.

Production Manager for PCB Line Assembly

Robotas complete assembly line solutions allow you to follow the movement of material and the interaction of operator’s through the individual phases of your manual assembly process. Allowing the gathered information to be shared directly with backend systems such as SAP and Aegis via web services.

Robotas Workflow platform provides a practical analysis platform designed for team leaders. Simple to use with the flexibility to provide all the information that you need to track KPI’s and manage and maintain your manual assembly process.

Series of Circuit Boards in Production

Robotas data analysis tools improve the calculated accuracy of NPI cycle time by using predictive methods to accurately calculate cycle times of new product to be build on Robotas systems.

Robotas Assembly production line automation

Over 20 different parameters can be captured during any manual assembly process built on a Robotas system. Even cycle time tracking is shown to assembly operator during builds to help maintain TAKT times whilst working on flow lines.

Robotas Production Assembly

Case Study

If you can't measure it you can't improve it.

Through the implementation of Sigma assembly line. Harwin where able to achieve complete production traceability of their custom connector range down to a single piece in any customer batch.

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Increase Speed

With the use of a Robotas assembly system production speeds can be increased by up to 50% over conventional production methods.

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Using our systems will typically result in an increase in first time yield quality improvements of up to 6%, providing a significant cost saving in rework.

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Robotas systems allow material to be prepared off the production line into kits, which can be allocated and transferred directly to the line when needed. Eliminating setup time.

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Robotas Expert Advice

Robotas Expert Advice

Robotas systems are modular, versatile, dependable and always affordable. Our consultants are here to help.

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